What are Panther Teeth?

Skate device: Interlocking pyramids secure laces.

Panther Teeth are easy to use hinge and latch devices that clip onto your footwear laces. You can now create separate tension zones, loose or tight, throughout the entire lace section of your footwear.

Built to last using impact resistant polypropylene resin, our cutting-edge Panther Teeth lock down on laces to:

• Prevent laces from loosening to retain the same level of tightness from start to finish of your workout

• Create a tighter hold where you need it without sacrificing comfort or performance

• Adapt to the unique characteristics of your foot providing a more customized fit


Provides the ability to set multiple levels of lace tension to increase performance, fit and comfort

Athletic footwear

Creates a tighter hold or allows for more space where you need it

Cleats and High tops

Enables separate tension zones that mitigate problems with wide or narrow feet