Lace Basics: Under Lace for Less Heel Slip

Foot pain can be caused by various factors when wearing shoes. One of those factors is when your heel slips up or your foot slides forward too much within the toe box. A simple solution to this problem is lacing your shoes from the inside out (called under lacing) instead of outside in (called over lacing). When people lace their shoes, they typically start with the first anchor eyelets from an over position, where the straight, flat loop is on top of the footwear. The first cross will end under it, on top of the tongue. However, this can result in a looseness in this lace, which means that the toe box area of your footwear is not tightened enough, leading to extra movement in your forefoot and heel slippage. To fix this issue, start with your first lace anchor in an under position and then lace your shoes, skates, or boots as you usually would. Make sure to push your heel as far back as possible when you insert your foot. For skates and some boots, it may help to hit your heel against the ground with your toe pointing up. Once your foot is securely back into the […]

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