What Are Cleats

For those of you that have ever been flagged for wearing baseball cleats in a soccer game, you already know that not all cleats are the same. For those just getting into sports, here’s a brief rundown of the different types of cleats. BASEBALL CLEATS Baseball cleats range from metal, molded plastic or rubber cleats as well as turf cleats with studs or spikes, which help to provide the traction necessary for running on the hard dirt and infields of a baseball diamond. Baseball shoes have a toe cleat in the front that digs into the dirt and helps with quick acceleration. FOOTBALL CLEATS Football cleats are longer in length than baseball cleats. They are made to dig into the field to give the player traction and allow them to make quick cuts and turns on natural grass or artificial turf fields. The leather on football cleats is heavier and thicker than other cleats to protect the player’s feet when they get stepped on, which occasionally happens in football. The different player positions also mean different cleats. There are three heights = high tops, mid-cut and low cut. The high cut is for less mobile positions, such as offensive and […]

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