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A scalable lace lock solution for your equipment needs.

Panther Teeth for OEM


Panther Teeth is revolutionizing the lace lock industry with their patented devices. This small device allows people to lock in their laces for comfort and a custom fit that lasts the duration of their game, practice, or event. Panther Teeth for OEMs takes this one step further by offering a solution that can be integrated directly into any footwear instead of a stand alone device.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE Better fit resulting in less lace stretch, energy loss and more energy transfer stride after stride.

REDUCED FOOT PAIN Eliminates lace bite and side-to-side movement of your foot. A perfect fit, every time.

CUSTOM FIT With 3 sizes, there’s a device to lock in your laces and get a custom fit from any skates, shoes or boots.


Don’t let the size fool you! Panther Teeth pack a big punch when it comes to locking in your unique lace tension for enhanced performance and all-day comfort. The patented design holds your laces tight through the rigors of any practice, game, skate, run, hike, climb, or workload and is durable enough to use every day.

Panther Teeth for OEM

SEW-IN PANTHER TEETH The Panther Teeth device has 5 – 8 holes in the base section of the device (depending on size) that enables an OEM to permanently attach the device to the tongue via sewing. This provides maximum flexibility for the OEM partner to attach one or more Panther Teeth to their footwear to optimize the fit and performance for their customers.

Panther Teeth for OEM

ADJUSTABLE PANTHER TEETH Adjustable Panther Teeth are a unique product that enables the customer to decide where they want their Panther Teeth located. The manufacturing plant simply sews in “track sections” to the tongue as the device will attach to and slide along these rails. Multiple devices can be added, moved or removed which maximizes flexibility, fit and performance for their customers.


Do you think your company, product, or customers need Panther Teeth? Panther Teeth is currently looking for OEM buyers or partners to continue to develop OEM products. If you would like more information, please fill out this simple contact form and someone will be in touch!