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Our alternative lacing tension solution, rooted in enhancing fit and performance.

Panther Teeth is an alternative lacing system that can be used with your boots to eliminate foot pain, hot spots and blisters. When applied to the mid-section on the laces of your boots, they can maintain different zones of lace tension easing the pressure of the boots pushing down on your feet. If you wear boots all day, use Panther Teeth as a common foot pain solution. Your boots are used for every step you take. Make them more comfortable with Panther Teeth.

Where to use

How To Use

How they work

Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect fit for any type of laced footwear

1. Open the top of the device and slide under the laces where they cross

2. Adjust laces to desired tension level

3. Close the top of the device to lock the laces into place

4. Panther Teeth will now maintain the lace tension. Add additional devices as needed to customize the fit to your foot.

six recommended device placements

The legend below represents three basic levels of lace tension


Eliminates heel slippage while providing a snug fit throughout the shoe


Relieves pressure in the mid-foot area while preventing heel slippage


Provides a consistent snug fit throughout your shoe and prevents your laces from loosening


Relieves pressure in the top cap area, while providing a snug fit that keeps your heel in place


Relieves pressure by giving space in the fore-foot area, while providing a snug fit that keeps the heel in place


Provides a snug fit while giving your feet the space they need

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