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Custom skate fit and foot pain solution rooted in enhancing player performance

Panther Teeth makes an excellent ice skate lace tightener. They’re an alternative lacing system that allows you to create separate zones of lace tension to create a custom fit with your ice skates. They prevent your laces from loosening and enhance your comfort and performance while you’re on the ice.

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How To Use

How they work

Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect fit for any type of laced footwear

1. Open the top of the device and slide under the laces where they cross

2. Adjust laces to desired tension level

3. Close the top of the device to lock the laces into place

4. Panther Teeth will now maintain the lace tension. Add additional devices as needed to customize the fit to your foot.

three recommended device placements

The legend below represents three basic levels of lace tension


Place one device where your lace bite starts, and a second device where your lace bite ends. Eliminates lace bite by setting the lace tension to be “snug” in the mid-section of your skate and eliminates the need to overtighten your skates.


Lock Panther Teeth on the top most section of your laces to set the exact amount of lace tension that you want. Now you can maintain a tight fit from the start to the end of your workout as your laces will not loosen.


Set the lace tension to be very tight throughout the toe and mid-section, and then set the lace tension to be snug in the top section. This provides the support that you need, while providing a more pliable skate. This setup enables you to flex your ankles and knees more, which increase speed and edging capabilities.

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